Opening of a new school of RG in Kirovsk

Great opening ceremony for the new center of rhythmic gymnastics in Kirovsk. At the opening ceremony there were all the stars of the russian school, the “Golden Girls” who presented elements of the new programs for the Olympic Games of London 2012.

Eugenia Kanaeva, Daria Kondakova, Daria Dmitrieva, Aleksandra Merkulova and the new champion of Russia Elizaveta Nazarenkova were here with the russian group, who presented a renewed team, including: Ulyana Donskova, Anastasia Nazarenko, Ksenia Dudkina, Olga Ilyina, Alina Makarenko and the new entry Karolina Sevastyanova member of the Olympic group in Singapore 2010 and winner of the tittle who substituted Natalia Pichuzhkina. Here in a picture the four members of the junior team in Singapore, now members of the senior team (from the left Ksenia Dudkina, Olga Ilyna, Alina Makarenko and Karolina Sevastianova).

Russia presented a new routine with 5 balls on a classical music, while seems that they will stay on the same exercise with 2 hoops and 3 ribbons.

Evgenia Kanaeva, recently awarded “Russian of the year”, is working hard on her routines for the Olympic Games as the main hope of russian gymnastics.
Here the “Golden Girls” Russian Group with Evgenia Kanaeva, Daria Kondakova and Daria Dmitrieva.

photos by the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics.


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