From France with Love: the great WCh in Montpellier!

It was an amazing week full of suspense and emotions, from the first to the last day!
I steel can feel shivers on my skin when Kondakova finished her amazing hoop routine from the qualifications the 2nd day, when Miteva won her bronze medal with her fabulous clubs routine, and when the european, world and olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva, after her ball routine, thought that this time the tittle wouldn’t have been hers.

I won’t forget the great gold of Italy in AA the third consecutive, the breathtaking routines of Bulgaria, and the big delusion of Russia.

Emotions on the carpet:
– Kanaeva was perfect until friday when all physical and psychological tiredness came out she risked to lose the tittle but at the end she confirmed it again with 0.050.
– Kondakova was very beautiful and expressive, unfortunately she made some little mistakes in finals and she hasn’t won any gold, but in this WCh she really demonstrated that she can be the number one.
– Miteva was the revelation of the competition! She was beyond perfection until the last exercise of the AA: her hoop routine, I almost cried when her hoop rolled over the carpet, and she lost her bronze medal, but anyways congratulations to her! She was magic and she won two bronze anyways (clubs and ribbon).
– Maksymenko was an artist on the carpet as only she can done she conquered the audience with her stunning routines!
– Charkashyna was unlucky she hasn’t won the bronze for some imperfection that she made but she was very elegant.

4 must see of this WCh:

Daria Kondakova’s hoop routine from qualifications

Evgenia Kanaeva’s ball routine from finals

Silvia Miteva’s clubs routine from AA

Alina Maksymenko’s ribbon from finals

Behind the scenes:
I was so lucky, thanks to Zhenya’s mom I enered in the private area of Longines with my dear friend Zoe and I met Zhenya once again! Thanks also to Daria Kondakova and Daria Dmitrieva who were here and signed also my pics! Here a picture from Oleg Naumov I with Zhenya and Zoe.

Thanks also to Garayeva she was so sweet with her fans!
The last day was impressive after the awarding ceremony there was the big flashmob all the audience with gymnasts came on the carpet and we danced together, as the song said “people everywhere” we seemed crazy!

But a special thanks to the beautiful people I met during this week! Thank you guys for this amazing experience you were amazing, I won’t never forget you! Thanks!!

P.S. Silvia on t’aime! ;P


5 thoughts on “From France with Love: the great WCh in Montpellier!

  1. I think it was more : Silvya on t’AIIIIIRRRRRRMMMMMMEEEEEUUUUHHH xDD
    Incredible experience wasn’t it ?
    kiss !!

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