EC Minsk: 3rd day, the finals!

As Nelly Furtado said all good things come to an end, this is also for this European Championship. But in such a great way It finished! Today there were a lot of surprises!

Here some screenscaps and the score:

Hoop Final:
KANAEVA Evgenia 29.450
KONDAKOVA Daria 29.025
CHARKASHYNA Liubou 28.200
GARAYEVA Aliya 27.725
MITEVA Silviya 27.600
MAKSYMENKO Alina 27.600
RIVKIN Neta 27.225
LEDOUX Delphine 26.850

Ball Final:
CHARKASHYNA Liubou 28.450
KANAEVA Evgenia 28.350
DMITRIEVA Daria 27.575
GARAYEVA Aliya 27.500
RIVKIN Neta 27.500
MITEVA Silviya 27.400
MITROSZ Joanna 27.150
STANIOUTA Melitina 26.550

Clubs Final:
CHARKASHYNA Liubou 28.300
RIVKIN Neta 27.900
MAKSYMENKO Alina 27.525
KONDAKOVA Daria 27.500
MITEVA Silviya 27.375
KANAEVA Evgenia 27.200
MITROSZ Joanna 27.075
LEDOUX Delphine 26.550

Ribbon Final:
KANAEVA Evgenia 29.275
KONDAKOVA Daria 29.075
MITEVA Silviya 27.825
CHARKASHYNA Liubou 27.750
RABTSAVA Hanna 27.600
MITROSZ Joanna 27.000
RIVKIN Neta 26.975
WEBER Caroline 26.400

For the results thanks to

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2 thoughts on “EC Minsk: 3rd day, the finals!

  1. Hello dear 🙂
    Great article !
    I saw one picture on your website, Golubenko is the trainer of Yulia S… (oops I don’t know her name, maybe sinitsa …)
    kisses my friend

    • Thanks dear 🙂 btw you mean Yulia Sinitsina 😛 I learn her name after a month I guess!! and the speaker had problem to saying her name too xP

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