EC 2011 Minsk: 2nd day

2nd day of competition of this European Championship. With the awarding ceremony for the team competition:

1 Gold medal Russia
2 Silver medal Belarus
3 Bronze medal Ukraine

here some screencaps and impressions:

Aliya Garaeva today was very unclean with both of her apparatus, clubs 26.600 and 26.775 with ribbon.
Silvia Miteva was stunning in her clubs routine (27.850) every accent of the music was underlined by her expression, but with ribbon she had a mistake and she took 27.050.
Anna Rabstava had a very elegant ribbon routine but she made a little mistake and  she took 27.150.
Liubov Charkashyna presented an amazing ribbon routine and she took 28.550, while she had a drop in her clubs routine and she took 28.125.
Alina Maksymenko loose her balance during a pivot in clubs routine (27.300) and she had 2 mistakes in her ribbon routine 26.900.
Melitina Staniouta was very unclean in her clubs routine 27.150 and for me this routine doesn’t suit her style at all, the music is very difficult to interpret.
Daria Kondakova had a knot and 2 drops and other little mistakes and she took 27.425, but with clubs she was PERFECT and she presented a masterpiece! (29.125)
Evgenia Kanaeva had a little mistake in her ribbon routine but she was quite clean and with her outstanding choreography she took 9.900 in artistic, (29.250), but she was more unclean with clubs, she dropped one club and she received 28.650.

After the senior group A there was the awarding ceremony, with a really happy Zhenya and Dasha on the podium!

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