EC 2011 Minsk: 1st day

Great affluence in the “spaceship”, the Arena of Minsk of this 27th European Championship. Here a lot of stars like Inna Zhukova, Irina Tchachina and Anna Bessonova here to support their country.

Here some impressions and screenscaps (sorry for the low quality) about the qualification of the group A (hoop and ball).

Melitina Staniouta was quite clean with ball (28,225) but she missed the final with hoop for a mistake (27,150).
Alina Maksymenko had a very strong routine with hoop (27,250) but she was out from the ball final (27,000).
Liubov Charkashyna was very beautiful and expressive with both of her routines and she entered in the finals with hoop (28,450) and ball (28,325), and she’s second after Zhenya, ’cause the double Dasha had only 1 exercise.
–  Daria Dmitrieva presented a new ball routine, much more elegant than the former but (imo) this style doesn’t suits Daria too much, anyways she entered in the ball final with 28,850.
–  Evgenia Kanaeva was great today! Once again she conquered the audience (or at least me! :P) and she ruled the competition with 29,350 for ball and 29,175 with hoop. In the hoop routine she had a new leo, all black which makes her like a “femme fatale“.
Daria Kondakova was extremely powerful and elegant at the same time with her hoop routine, and she entered in the final with 28,950.
–  Silvia Miteva was amazing in her ball routine, the whole exercise is very beautiful, all her movements suits the music and the result is something really touching! With 27,800 she entered in the ball final too.


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Here some screenscaps, Kanaeva new romantic hoop leo, Miteva kisses her ball and Kondakova after her hoop routine, etc…enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “EC 2011 Minsk: 1st day

    • Sorry I deleted the pics and the video =(. But honestly the big size wasn’t good because of the quality! Trust me I resized every pic in its better quality! 😉

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