WC Pesaro 25-26-27 March 2011

1st day (Friday)

Arrived in Pesaro I hadn’t even time to go to the hotel, just running to the Adriatic (thanks to our great taxi driver!). When I came in Narkevich was on the carpet with her ball, I was very amazed by this young gymnast, she has improved a lot since the last year and this routine was very elegant and beautiful. Then I saw Delphine Ledoux, from the french team and I was surprised by her ability to set the mood. Another interpreter was Anna Rizatdinova all her routines are mixes of pure beauty, expression and amazing pivots. Other interesting gymnast were Charkashyna, Garaeva and Filanovsky. I was sad about Trofimova, what a pity! She messed up her routines and she couldn’t make any final, at the end she was very disappointed. After the individual competition of hoop and ball there was group AA with 5 balls, so I was changing tape to my camera when I saw Zhenya coming in the public’s area! After a very long moment of shock I came to her and I showed her my big drawing, then she signed it, I was the happiest person in the world!! Back to the competition It was time of groups, here a resume:

Bulgaria presented my favorite routine: many difficult passages and great choreo create an involving routine.

Russia was very great too after the biennium 2009-10 they changed coaches and gymnasts and now they are ready for a great return and for the Olympics.

Italy had an intense routine, very risky and very fast. But as for their 3+2 I had the impression of something confusing without pauses, so I preferred other groups to them.

Belarus always presents beautiful and elaborated choreographies with collaborations and moments of pure dance, always in perfect synchro. They are very pleasant to watch!

Another “must-watch” is the group of France. And we were also honored by the presence of Japan, because It was the first time than a sports delegation came out after the earthquake, the audience was very kind, and we supported them a lot!!!


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